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A new single for Betty Bonifassi

To complement her show in Cabaret La Tulipe on February 10, Betty Bonifassi presents the single I Don’t Do Nobody (Jean-Phi Goncalves Remix) from her latest album Lomax Deluxe.

For this deluxe version, Betty called on an array of collaborators in order to remake four tracks from Lomax, her second album, inspired by slave songs from the turn of the 20th century and recordings by Alan Lomax. Each artist was carefully chosen to bring a new element to the remixes.

“In a time when everything dehumanizes us,
the work of Alan Lomax returns 100 years later
to remind us of the magi of being human.”

— Betty Bonifassi

To remake I Don’t Do Nobody, Betty turned to longtime collaborator Jean-Phi Goncalves. He remixed I Don’t Do Nobody with a focus on vocal energy, to bring a more electronica dimension to the single.

Betty Bonifassi shines internationally

2017 will be a major jam-packed year for Betty. She’s already participated in the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in New York as part of le cadre du Mundial Montréal sur la route and performed a number of concerts in the Big Apple as the year opened. In March, will be part of the prestigious American showcase festival South by Southwest (SXSW).

With the Lomax Deluxe album released in France last Friday, January 20, Betty will head over to Europe for a spring concert tour.

And in Quebec

This winter, she’ll join in Québec’s RIDEAU artistic gathering, as well as. In addition, Betty will join the celebration as the Piaf tribute show Piaf a 100 ans. Vive la Môme! takes to the road across Québec in March.

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Betty Bonifassi offers you a brand new deluxe version of her album LOMAX

Betty Bonifassi offers you a brand new deluxe version of her album LOMAX now exclusively available online as of November 11th.

This deluxe version features four previously unreleased exclusive remixes taken from this iconic album which revisits some of the turn of the century slave songs taken from the original Alan Lomax recordings.

Following the enormous success of her concerts Internationally and specifically during the Montreal International Jazz Festival last summer, Betty will soon return on stage in Montreal to perform at the La Tulipe cabaret on February 10, 2017.

Betty Bonifassi is one of the only Quebecers to have performed at both the Oscars and the Grammys. She has been intrigued and seduced by the the culture of slave songs and their path for several years. They also inspired her self titled album launched in 2014 and like the album Lomax which was composed with Jesse Mac Cormack, Betty turned to a few collaborators of choice for these four new remixes to help her reshape these pieces and to infuse them with a distinct Electronica atmosphere that she is so well known for. Each artist was chosen carefully to bring a new distinct element to each new pieces of Lomax.

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LOMAX – Nouvel album de Betty Bonifassi

Montréal, février 2016 – Continuant son exploration de l’œuvre d’Alan Lomax, Betty Bonifassi sera de retour sur disque le 4 mars prochain avec Lomax, une réinterprètation de son premier album paru en septembre 2014. Le projet dans son ensemble est un vibrant hommage aux afro-americain prisoners’ songs des années 1920 du sud des États-Unis, chants créés afin de soutenir la cadence de travail qui était insoutenable et inhumaine.

Betty Bonifassi sera en spectacle le 23 février prochain au Club Soda dans le cadre de Montréal en lumière, dont elle est cette année la co-présidente d’honneur.

Composé de huit chansons, Lomax a été enregistré et réalisé en tandem par le guitariste Jesse Mac Cormack et Betty Bonifassi au Studio B-12 de Valcourt. Mac Cormack est également responsable des arrangements musicaux en plus de jouer piano et orgue sur l’album.

Betty Bonifassi est également accompagnée du bassiste Mathieu Désy, du batteur Martin Lavallée, du pianiste Martin Lizotte et de la chorale féminine Les Marjo’s qui apportent une couleur toute particulière à cet ambitieux et singulier projet.

« Cet album est un hommage à la force de résilience, la dignité et à la beauté des esclaves Africains déportés en Amérique à des fins de main-d’oeuvre. L’Afrique a construit l’Amérique dans sa structure comme dans son art, au prix de son sang. Grâce à M. Lomax, nous avons pu entendre ces chants 100 ans plus tard, afin de ne jamais oublier. » – Betty Bonifassi

L’américain Alan Lomax (1915-2002) fut un célèbre ethnomusicologue, folkloriste, musicologue et collecteur de musiques. Il réalisa ses premiers enregistrements avec son père en 1933, et poursuivit sa collecte de la musique des États-Unis, des Caraïbes, et des nations européennes jusqu’en 1985. Il fut également interprète et producteur, notamment pour Leadbelly et Woody Guthrie. Il archivera du folkore pendant 52 ans.

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Betty en tournée Européenne!

Ce jours-ci, Betty Bonifassi se retrouve en Europe pour présenter son spectacle Chants d’esclaves, chants d’espoir.

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Betty Bonifassi’s first solo album

This album is a tribute to the strength of the resilience, dignity and beauty of African slaves deported to America for the purpose of labour exploitation. Africa paid in blood to build America’s structure as well as its art. Thanks to Alan Lomax, we are able to listen to these songs 100 years later, so we may never forget.” Betty Bonifassi

She needs no introduction, but here is her story. Betty Bonifassi became known with The Triplets of Belleville, her collaboration with DJ Champion, and the duo Beast. She is undoubtedly one of Canada’s great voices and exudes a magnetism that is unreal!

At long-last, she is releasing her debut album which will be available September 23, 2014 with the Montreal-based L-A be label. In collaboration with Jean François Lemieux (production and bass), Benjamin Vigneault (drums) and Alex Mac Mahon (production and keyboards), Betty’s ambitious album (which began as music research for Steinbeck’s play Of Mice and Men) pays tribute to African-American prisoners’ songs from the 1920s in the Southern States. These chants helped to maintain the pace of the unbearable and inhuman work.

These songs are what inspired this project, a modern reinterpretation of a work that has already been largely archived by the Lomax family. Alan Lomax (1915—2002), a famous ethnomusicologist, folklorist, musicologist and collector of American music, collected music from the United States, Caribbean, and European nations, which influenced this music. He archived folklore for 52 years.
This album captures the very essence of Betty Bonifassi. She perfectly conveys the intensity of the emotion, pain, and hope in these slave songs, alternating between a range of styles: blues, soul, funk, electronic and rock, adding this extraordinary voice to the mix. From the first single, the haunting rendition of Whoa Buck followed by the hypnotic Grizzly Bear through to the surreal Black Betty, Betty Bonifassi’s album contains 12 great songs of hope (including 2 original works) which will make…history.

In an interview with Sylvain Cormier of Le Devoir, before her performance at the last Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Betty summed it up best: “I have finally found a way to express what has been forever on my mind, what I’ve wanted to achieve in all my projects, The Triplets of Belleville, DJ Champion, Beast, 30 years of music! I’ve been searching for this all my life, and now I have it in my hands! My own in vitro mix!”
2015 tour dates will be announced shortly.

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New album in stores on September 23

Renowned for her work with the Triplets of Belleville, DJ Champion and Beast, Betty Bonifassi finally presents her first self-titled album. The project is a contemporary interpretation of slave songs from the beginning of the twentieth century. With her incomparable voice, this album is à mixture of electro and rock. The groove of producer J-F lemieux showcases the amazing talent of the singer.

The CD Release will take place at Cabaret du Mile-End in Montreal on September 22 at 8pm

The album is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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